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                JANUARY 2018


January News:


  • Happy New Year 2018!
  • With the snow and cold weather we have been getting, it is a good time to ask that your children are dressed appropriately with warm coats, boots, hats and mittens. Additionally if they want to be able to play in the snow they need to wear snow pants.  We only have one recess each day so we plan to send out the students for at least a little bit of fresh air every day unless it is exceedingly cold (below 15-20 degrees) so please make sure your children are prepared with warm clothing.
  • Speaking of warm clothing, thanks to the Smyth Road community for your generous support towards our Share the Warmth program. We were able to provide for children in need and we truly appreciate your kind support of this very important program.
  • Please don’t forget about our Lost and Found link on our web site. We have already collected more boots and coats in our Lost and Found. If your child has lost something, please check out the link on smyth.mansd.org

It would also help if you could label all your children’s coats, sweatshirts, backpacks, boots and hats. We would be able to return items when found if they had names in them.

  • Our second session of enrichment will begin on Friday, January 12th. If your child has signed up for a session where there is a fee involved, please send in the fee in an envelope with your child’s name on it. The students are very excited about this fun learning opportunity.
  • Don’t forget to send in your used (not working) light bulbs and batteries. They can be recycled! One of our 5th grade students is doing a project for cub scouts and is spearheading this recycling project.
  • Please make note of the date Monday, January 15th. There will be no school due to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.
  • It will soon be time for second trimester progress reports. Please be on the lookout for your child’s progress report which will be sent home Thursday, February 1st. On the district calendar the scheduled date for progress reports is January 25th, but we are pushing that back one week because of snow days.

Student of the Month:  For the first time ever, we missed our December Road Runner Rally because of snow! Since we have been back in school in January 2018, we have been reading the names of our December students of the month over the intercom each morning. The students earned this honor because of their positive energy, great work ethic, and kind words and deeds. The students of the month for December received a special certificate, and they also will be featured on the bulletin board in the main hallway.

Congratulations to the following students:

Karly Andrews-Kindergarten                       Madilyn Bleyle-Gr 3

Taylor Rollins-Kindergarten                         Sadie Mungere-Gr 3                                                                                                  Sophie Montgomery-Gr 1                           Camden Higgins-Gr 4

Zeke Stewart-Gr 1                                 Imani Rivera-Gr 4                                             

Thomas Parr-Gr 1                                  Tianna Mann-Gr 4                                      

Addie Cannon-Gr 2                                 Jaiden Santana-Gr 5                               

Shayleigh McCann–Gr 2                             Kendra Kazanowski-Gr 5                              

Aaliyah Gumaa-Gr 2                                Justin Parker-Gr 5                                                               

Aleel Mohammed: Mrs. Parson’s class             Abdiel Rodriguez: Mrs. Perry’s class                      

Mialem Palic: Mr. Lee’s class                      Desmond Hossfeld: P.E                                     

Gianna Arzilli:Music                                Nico Scafidi: Health                                              

Jordan Ledoux: Library                            Yandel Rohena: Art                                                           

January Dates and Events:

·         Monday, January 15th  : No School: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

·         Thursday, February 1st : 2nd trimester progress reports sent home

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