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Smyth Road May/June News 2021

  • Memorial Day: We are able to share a Memorial Day celebration with you thanks to our new and amazing music teacher, Mrs. Pepler! Students in each grade level were recorded last week while performing songs in honor of Memorial Day. You can find the YouTube links here, and in your child’s google classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Pepler!

Welcome, Star Spangled Banner, Allegiance Rap, You're a Grand Old Flag

My Country 'Tis of Thee and America the Beautiful

What Heroes Gave Poem and Taps

Poppies Red & Stars and Stripes Forever

  • Classroom Placements: Our staff takes much time, effort and care in developing class rosters for each school year. The following are some of the factors that are taken into consideration as class lists are developed:

  1. A balance of academic achievement levels

  2. Behavior factors

  3. Compatibility of students with others in the classroom (separating others who have not worked well together in the past)

  4. Information provided by current teacher on work habits and program needs.

As parents, you may have more information for us to consider such as: Please do not place my child with John because they are neighbors and are together all the time outside of school, or please separate my child from Sally since they have been in same class since K and need to develop independence. If you choose to provide specific information like the examples above, please send an email to Emails are due by Tuesday, June 1st. Please do not send an email requesting a specific teacher. Also, please do not contact your child’s current teacher to request a specific classroom for next year as this puts them in a very difficult position professionally.

Because of shifting enrollments, new registrations, and uncertainty around teacher assignments, we will not be able to finalize classroom lists until right before the start of school. Classroom assignments will be mailed out at the end of August. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

  • No School: There is no school on Monday, May 31st to celebrate the Memorial Day Holiday.

  • Flip Flops: Children have time outside every day, running and playing. Flip flops are NOT the best footwear for running and playing. We have seen a big increase in recess injuries due to trips and falls caused by flip flops. Please make sure your child has either sneakers or sandals that wrap around their heel for recess and outside time.

  • Masks Outside: The Manchester School Board voted last night to eliminate the mask requirement for adults and students when they are outdoors and still able to keep a safe distance apart from one another. We will be following this school board decision, and we will not require mask wearing outside. However, we also still have to follow the Health guidelines in regard to quarantining any unvaccinated staff or student who is directly exposed to a positive case of COVID.

  • Field Days: Mr. Oolders will be putting together a modified schedule for field days for this year. Because of restrictions, we are not able to have as many classes outside at the same time. Despite the change in schedule, we are excited that students will be able to enjoy some fun outside! Their Field day schedule is:

Grades K-1: Tuesday a.m., June 8 Grades 2-3: Tuesday p.m., June 8 Grades 4-5: Wednesday a.m., June 9 Self-Contained Classrooms: Wednesday p.m., June 9

Mr. Oolders will be sending out more information about Field Days soon!

May/June Dates and Events:

Monday, May 31: Memorial Day observed: No School.

Tuesday, June 8: Field Day for Grades K,1,2,3

Wednesday, June 9: Field Day for Grades 4,5 and self-contained

Thursday & Friday, June 10 &11: Field day Rain Dates

Monday, June 14: Last Day for Pre-K

Monday, June 14: Grade 5 Clap Out

Tuesday, June 15: Rain date, Grade 5 Clap Out

Wednesday, June 16: Last Day for students K-5

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