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Dear Smyth Rd. Families,

A few pieces of information to share:

  • May 3rd return to school: Many students are returning to Smyth Rd. for the first time in over a year, and many others will now be attending 4 days a week instead of two days. Here is information you need to know:

  1. Thank you to all who responded to our survey. We are continuing to reach out to families who haven’t responded yet. Classroom teachers will send out specific instructions right before April vacation with directions and more information for May 3rd. If haven’t heard back from us after filling out the survey, that means you are all set; you will receive your selection of either 4 days in-person or full remote

  2. For students who haven’t come to school yet this year:

    • Arrival is between 8:25-8:35 a.m./Dismissal is at 2:50 p.m.

    • Cars can park on the left-hand side of Bruce Rd or in the St. Paul’s parking lot on Smyth Rd for arrival and dismissal. There is also a live parking for arrival (or drop and go on the right-hand side of Bruce Rd.) Staff members are positioned on Bruce Rd every morning to make sure students use crosswalks and stay on sidewalks.

    • Cars are NOT allowed to drive up to the school at arrival and dismissal due for student safety.

    • Upon arrival, students will go directly to their outer classroom door where teachers will check their temperature.

    • It is important to be on time (between 8:25-8:35) because it is disruptive for classroom teachers to stop teaching to check temperatures of tardy students.

    • Only students and staff are allowed inside the building at this time. This was a safety measure put in place by the district that we are still required to follow.

    • Classroom teachers will be providing more specific instructions right before the April vacation.

  • Kindergarten Registration and New Student Registration: The Manchester School District has been creating an on-line registration portal through Aspen. The link will be ready to go live in early May. In the meantime, they have created a pre-registration link. Here is information from the site with registration information and the pre-registration link:

Please complete the Pre-Registration Form here:

Watch for more information in May/late April for our New Online Registration Portal to Open -

Smyth Road School will also have in-person registration appointments for those families who do not have access to a computer. In-person registrations are by appointment only and will be on Wednesdays in April from 8:30-11:30. If you do not have computer access and would like to make an appointment to fill out a paper registration packet, please reach out to Mrs. Philbrook, our administrative assistant at 624-6340 or send her an email at

  • Report Cards: Second trimester report cards are being issued today, Thursday, April 1st to our in-person students. Students who attend on Mon/Tues will receive their report card in person on Monday, April 5th. Students who are remote will have their report cards mailed to their homes.

  • Transportation: With the addition of new students starting on May 3rd, the Manchester School District will continue to make changes to their bus routes. Each school has been asked to send home this message: IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR OUR BUS RIDING FAMILIES: Please check the MANSD website for updated routes and stop times. On the transportation page you will find all current times posted. As we bring students back to school the changes will be FREQUENT. We will continue to alert you when changes are posted. Thank you!

  • Free and Reduced Lunch: There are forms on the website where families can apply for free and reduced lunch.

We look forward to bringing even more students back to Smyth Road School on May 3rd. This change to a 3 foot social distancing is another step closer towards a more “normal” school experience! It will be a nice way to bring closure to these challenging school times! Again, thank you, parents, for ALL you have done over the last year and a half !

With thanks,

Jennifer Briggs and staff

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