Remote Learning Special Lessons

Directions: To join the special teachers google classrooms, copy the code associated with your child's grade level. First make sure you are signed into your child's school account ( In the top right corner of google classroom you will see a plus sign, select join, and paste their code. You only need to do this once and then you will always see their classroom as an option when you enter google classroom. For more information, a video link is located below.

Click above if you have questions about joining a class or how to go to multiple classes your child belongs too. Be sure to watch the video on slide 4 on how to join a classroom and look at slide 22 to see how to go back and forth between classes.

Click on the link above for those who maybe completely new to using google classroom or the google suite. Learn how to log your child in and find google classroom.

How to get on your Morning Meeting in Google Meet.webm

Watch this video for an example of how to join a google meeting using the google meet join code or nickname.